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What To Expect After Your Walkthrough With An Innovator

Step One: Proposal

After your walkthrough, you will receive a proposal outlining the cost of your project. You can expect to receive the proposal 3-7 business days after your walkthrough depending on the size of your project. A call will be scheduled to discuss the proposal and answer any questions.

Step Two: Contract

Once the proposal is accepted, a contract will be sent to review and sign.

Step Three: Deposit

A 30% deposit is required after signing the contract. Once the deposit is received, we will submit all certificates of insurance and licenses to your building's management office. Approval may take some time depending on your building.

Step Four: Product Selection

We’ll help you pick out your materials from our most popular vendors, for example, tile, appliances, cabinetry, and countertops. Once you selected these items we will approve them and it’s time to order them. We’ll help you pick out the most convenient delivery times.

Step Five: Permit Acquisition

As you pick out the materials needed for your project, we will work on securing all permits necessary (if any) for the project.

Step Six: The Innovating Begins!

A start date will be set and we will begin to work our magic. All of the tools and materials necessary will be mobilized to the worksite and our team will coordinate all components of the project, for example, trades, materials deliveries, and all of the other details.

Step Seven: Completion

Upon completion, we will schedule a time for a final walkthrough of your new space and make sure that you’re 100% satisfied!


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