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Renovating Your Space - What To Do First

Just bought a new home or commercial space? Are there things you want to change but you don't know where to start? We’ve made a list of the most important things you should do before vetting a contractor.

Visualize the space:

Think it through. Knowing what you want will make a huge difference in the planning process. Identify all of the things you want to achieve with your project - from functional to structural. Make two lists to prioritize: 1. “Must have” 2. “Nice to have

Make a folder of inspiration photos:

Save photos of similar style and size renovations, products, and colors you LOVE.

Resources: Pinterest, Houzz, Google.

Understand the process:

Your home will become a construction site and may be noisy and dusty at times even with the best protection and precaution. Clearing the space of valuables is the best thing you can do to avoid any mishaps. Depending on the scope of the renovation you may need to move out for some or all of it. Be sure to factor in these costs into your budget. If a permit is needed for your project consider the timing needed to achieve this, as it may take some time to obtain.

Remember that it will be worth it!

Soon you’ll be enjoying your new kitchen, luxurious bathroom or whatever the projects amazing results will be. Keeping your eye on the finished product will help you push through to the end.

For Co-Op & Condominium Owners

Check with your building:

Some buildings have a limit on how many renovations can happen simultaneously. It’s good to ask whether the timing for your renovation will work with anything the building is doing (elevators replacements, pointing, hallway renovations, etc.)

Get a copy of your buildings Alteration Agreement:

This is usually a standard document and may vary according to your project but it can be helpful to understand the requirements of your building beforehand.


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